Theory of Music Grade 12


This book is aimed at Grade 12 CAPS, Music Literacy, Topic 2.


The fundamentals of theory of music are discussed in this book. Each chapter includes relevant explanations, activities and assessment tasks.†



 Explanation of theory of music and harmony concepts.†

 Exercises to gradually master and apply theoretical knowledge.

 Each chapter concludes with a set of Assessment Tasks to recap the work that was covered in the chapter, as well as preceding chapters and grades to ensure learnersí knowledge doesnít get rusty.

 Includes charts with the notes of the piano, guitar and different recorders.

 Assessment Sheet. ††

 Serve as workbook/resource for inexperienced facilitators who donít have the necessary musical background information at their disposal to facilitate Grade 12 CAPS. Music Literacy, Topic 2.

 Available in English and Afrikaans.


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