Terms and Conditions


Our customers’ needs and outstanding customer care are particularly important to us. We take pride in providing our customers with fast and efficient service; and supplying our clients with good quality, free of defects books.


Returns are limited to the following instances:


  1. Books that have been incorrectly supplied according to the customer’s order
  2. Books with printing errors or defects
  3. Shipping damage


Please take note of the following should books have been incorrectly supplied according to the customer’s order, have printing errors or defects, or be damaged as a result of shipping:


Incorrectly supplied book/s or book/s with manufacturing faults


We will gladly refund or exchange book/s in the case of incorrectly supplied book/s or if there is a manufacturing fault with the book/s. Book/s leave G-sential in good order and should be returned in the same condition in the case of incorrectly supplied book/s. Books with tears, mark of any sort, scratches, folds, torn pages or any other damage will not be refunded or exchanged.

The customer must notify us via email (info@theoryofmusic.co.za) within 7 business days after dispatch of the book/s. No refund or exchange will be considered 7 business days after this period. We will arrange for our courier to collect the book/s and we will pay for the return shipping. We will replace the book with another copy of the same book and will courier it to you free of charge.


Shipping damage


Book/s are sufficiently packed and dispatched in good order. G-sential is not liable for damaged goods, loss or theft by the courier company. G-sential uses The Courier Guy for distribution of online shop orders. Should the value of the shipment exceed R1000, the value must be indicated to ensure the goods are adequately insured. In the unlikely event that there is serious/intentional damage to the book/s as a result of shipment, the customer must clearly state the detail of the damage on the waybill, keep the receiver’s copy and hand The Courier Guy’s copy back to the driver. Customers are advised to take pictures of damaged goods upon delivery to ease insurance claims. Please take note of the following important terms and conditions of The Courier Guy (TCG): 

The Customer and/or Sender shall advise TCG in writing, strictly within 48 hours, of the damaged/ lost or stolen goods being delivered/or expected to receive, at claims@thecourierguy.co.za. No claims will be entertained if not received within the 48-hour notice period. The damaged goods must be returned to TCG together with the original invoice reflecting the purchase price (proof of value) of the item. These are required for assessment and/or salvage prior to consideration of a claim. Should the damaged goods and proof of value of item/s not be received by TCG, TCG shall not be obligated to honour its limited assumption of liability.